Title: Ferdinand

Code: MMS0304B

Confident, brash but surprisingly likeable Ferdinand read 'The Frog Prince' and thinks it's his autobiography. He doesn't realise he's a toad not a frog and calls all women Princess. He's always coaxing the ladies to kiss him and may be addicted to mint breath spray. He once talked Fergie the Duchess of York into kissing him under the premise of becoming a queen. After no transformation he confusingly denounced her as a princess.

Likes: Smooching on the lips, not this cheek-cheek stuff.
Dislikes: Morning breath
Quote: "They're not warts, they're beauty spots."

Each characters story can be found on the swing tag of the garment.

Garment Info: Grey Marle 100% Cotton
Premium 180 GSM 100% Cotton Tee's. Professionally Screen-printed in Australia (by the best). Made sturdy to resist monsters and advances from the ladies.

Size: Size 2
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Size 4
Size 6
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Size 8
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Chest: 32cm 34cm 36cm 38cm



At Mister Mista we do very limited quantities of each design. That’s why we call them rare-i-tee’s which are very similar to hens teeth but harder to acquire. Each swing tag has it own unique number. "Don't mista out!".