Muke is a shy old monster who is rarely seen………but he has been sighted numerous times…….always on Halloween!
This is because he can’t resist sugar in the form of lollies and candy. The only problem is the more he eats the more he begins to glow-in-the-dark. Which makes his hidden hermit existence a little difficult….when this happens he likes to disguise himself as a chinese lantern but last year he sneezed on himself and everyone thought he was the boogy monster.

Likes: Sugar flavored boogys.
Dislikes: Cough lollies..they don’t make you cough
Quote: Twik or Tweet

Each characters story can be found on the swing tag of the garment. 

Garment Info: Navy 100% Cotton
Premium 180 GSM 100% Cotton Tee. Professionally Screen-printed in Australia (by the best). Made sturdy to resist monsters and advances from the ladies.

Price: $29.95

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