Rhett Deer is his own man, well in this case deer. So stubborn he once won an argument with a mule. Whenever there’s a protest they always call on Rhett as they know he won’t be moved. He once disagreed with an Orange for three days that the colour came first.  Funny thing is, life seems to go on around him while he stands his ground on these trivial little matters.

Likes: Being indifferent
Dislikes: Authority and stern voices.
Quote: ”Frankly My Deer…”

Each characters story can be found on the swing tag of the garment. 

Garment Info: Grey Marle 100% Cotton
Premium 180 GSM Long Sleeve Tee. Professionally Screen-printed in Australia (by the best). Made sturdy to resist monsters and advances from the ladies.

Price: $44.95

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