Syd Morris is a Tee Forest living legend. Best known for his amazing feats in the annual Bone Bay classic. In 1955 a shark tried to attack him while on the final wave of the day. He jumped on it’s stomach and road it upside down into shore….believed to be the fist ever finned surfboard. He’s followed everywhere by a little grommet ghost called Ghouly, who’s real name is Ging Gang Ghouly. Someone once suggested some more hot dogging when he surfs……the next day he nearly drowned Mr Wiener.

Likes: Untouched coastlines
Dislikes: Sand in his undies…when he wears undies.
Quote: Ghouly stop floating on my wave.

Each characters story can be found on the swing tag of the garment. 

Garment Info: Bright Purple 100% Cotton
Premium 180 GSM 100% Cotton Tee. Professionally Screen-printed in Australia (by the best). Made sturdy to resist monsters and advances from the ladies.

Price: $29.95

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