Ballarat Swap Meet 2012 Part 2


Part 2…the treasure hunt continues.


Plenty of Prams again this year


Generally Cool stuff


Really liked this framed Map

Wishin I was fishin!!!

Nice chairs..bit rusty though

This old cash register had just sold….marble base. Think someone said something about watch your pooper valve??

Vintage Footy Boots

Maybe I have a bit of gypsy blood….but I love piano accordians

Mid sized vintage Fridges…people were shorter in the 70′s

Thought these old theatre chairs were a good buy at $50

 Ah these were soooo cool. There was 5 of them from an old diner…already been sold.


Loved this old Corn Flakes box…made me think about making a time capsule for each of the kids now.


This caravan was Awesome!!!

Cool old fan

Saw a guy at the Fed square Markit who makes rings and brooches from these spoons

Thought this was cool for a studio/office

If I rode a motorbike this would be the helmut I’d wear.

Next Section: But would it match the decor

I’m surround by Carlton fans on both sides of the family

Pretty sure a Stephen King film starts with buying Charlie…and ends with barely getting out with your life.

Jet engine?……yep….. currently being welded to a Torana in a suburb near you

 Apart from maybe a blunt heavy object for an unplanned murder…..just don’t know what I’d do with them. (I kinda like’m though)

Boss Hog from the Dukes of Hazzard had these mounted to  his bonnet….Rosco you dip stick!!!

$15o for an old phone…tell him he’s dreaming!!

 Why buy a race horse when you can enjoy triumphs of someone elses?

Adult size rocking horse!!

Cars: It is an auto swap meet after all

My name is Earl!

Above & Below: Price family dream car

Cool old School bus. Stifler stole one of these from a blind school in Roadtrip

From memory, the above was a fridge

Things I forgot existed

Hybrid BMX from the 80′s

Land sailing

 Had to sleep with one eye open when my brother got a Rambo knife. Great years sharing a room with a psycho!!!

Above: Anyone remember these?

Below Section: Already have these but still cool

I love the old picnic sets..we took one on our trip to Tassie years ago

A lot more mix masters this year…sorry already got it!

 You can only have so many old radio’s…I love em

 Already got it and in better condition

Below: Buys for 2012

I need to set the scene….it was a 40+ day….bloody hot. It is 15km to walk around every stall. By 2pm it was just too hot and most had gone home. But not Trav. I’d been walking and running a lot in the lead up..and I was ready. Stall holders were either too drunk or had just had enough….dare I say they’d lost a bit of their sharpness!!!

Vintage woman’s healing bicycle $30…Renee will love it once I get a seat!!! Healing bikes were made in Richmond and would have rivaled Malvern Star back in the day.

Vinatge His Masters Voice Radio $40…really felt bad…the guy wanted $50 but had had enough of the hot dusty day.

Matching Big Ears Egg Cup $7….the lady told me they were very collectable….I managed to keep my excitement in and NOT tell her we already had the noddy one.

Retro oven from an old Caravan for the kids Kubby $30…it’s the perfect height for kids….pretty heavy to carry for 1km back to the car….arms are a foot longer

1960′s pressed tin dolls house $40…..after passing on one last year Renee would have killed me for not getting it!
Received great comments on the 2km walk back to the car…”need some dolls for ya dolls house mate”

Disheveled Sellotape tine $12…gotta love it’s history

Tiki wood carving $15…looks to be fijian…love it

Old Sellotape tins $5.

Westinghouse Vintage Fan: I was about to take a photo of it when the stall holder walks over and says…it works…I had 5 of them this morning…this is the last one. I asked how much did you sell them for and he said $5 each….I said I’ll take it!!!

Old steel clock $10
Renee will kill me….I snuck in a photo of when we were 18 Ha Ha

Forgot to mention last year I bought this old compartment draw to store Ozzies matchbox cars in. $15

All in all it was another great swap meet!!!!
Best quote I heard for the day “winner winner chicken dinner!”
I also worked out that I walk about 20-25km’s…tired

If you haven’t already check out the Swap Meet 2011 round up 

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